The Weird Food Challenge

So, after an incredibly stressful college application process, it’s finally over and spring break is here! And not a moment sooner either. But I thought… what better way to spend my spring break other than challenging myself to make (and eat) weird foods for a week.

You might ask… why in the world would you do that?

Well, why not? I’ve come across so many recipes that I’ve shied away from because it just sounded so disgusting, that I would need serious motivation to commit myself to making it. 

Consider this the serious motivation. The kick in the butt. It’s starting, and honestly, I’m terrified. As Cathy, my British friend, so eloquently warned… “This could be highly damaging to your psyche, Emily.” Hopefully, my psyche will be prepared for whatever beating it will endure for the length of this week. 

There are only two rules. 

1. I have to incorporate an ingredient in an unique way that I’ve never previously done so.

2. I have to taste it. And so do my parents (force will be used if necessary). 

If anybody has any recommendations, let me know! I’m still in dire need of some awesome (but could be totally gross) recipes. 


Please note: If I don’t make it through this process – I died for a worthy cause. 


4 thoughts on “The Weird Food Challenge

  1. Why don’t you make some chicken liver mousse? Or try to find a recipe for sweetbreads. Dessert wise, you could play with savory ingredients in dessert, like eggplant or avocados. Just some thoughts.

    • Chicken liver mousse does sound very interesting… If I can get my hands on some, I’ll definitely try it out. And you read my mind – check out day one: avocado truffles 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions!

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